martes, 2 de diciembre de 2008

Tomates, espinaca, y mas

Espinaca, they told me, is simply spanish for spinach. However, this hearty vining plant is hardly recognizable as the spinach I know and love. The bright green leaves are familiar, though they have a slimier feel and less flavor. Upon researching, I discovered that this beauty is no true spinach at all but rather a semi-succulent commonly grown as an ornamental, known as Basella alba. I can practically harvest a full salad every other night from this guy, and it seems to be able to climb to unforseeable heights!
Also featured in my backyard are the Upside-down Tomato Experiments! Only one month old and just recently flipped, you can see this little tomater is "hanging in there" (couldn't resist)! One more to go, waiting for it to root more comfortably in the bucket. We are hoping for strong healthy tomato plants with no pest problems... Lastly, a yummy nispero or sapodilla fruit like the ones we hope to harvest in a few years from our 2 nispero trees!

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