jueves, 29 de enero de 2009


Here is the kombucha (japanese fermented tea, supposed to be super healthy; think fizzy ginger-ale meets cider?) project: in the bowl, our scoby (mother mushroom) floating in the most recent batch of kombucha tea; in the jar is 1 gallon of freshly brewed black tea + 1 cup of white sugar; finally, we transfer the scoby into the jar, adding 1 Tbsp of the k-tea to the top. Now, 7-10 days of fermentation!
p.s. Even if this stuff doesn't meet the supposed health benefit hype expectations, it's tasty and cheap. so there.

2 comentarios:

Alexandra dijo...

that tea looks real tasty, is it good for arthritis?

Liz dijo...

I did some research: kombucha is believed to aid in many disorders, most prominenetly digestive, as it contains a plethora of microflora and fauna. It is also taken to treat blood pressure, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME), MS, asthma, elimination, eczema, and YES, arthritis! Try it!