jueves, 2 de abril de 2009

Home Brew

Now that i'm appropriately armed with
glass bottles
fresh caps
the Red Baron capper
killer home brew,


ok so really i started with 11 bottles as a trial run. (this is a grassroots revolution, people! they all start small.) IF i perfect the bottling, and IF i can spread kombucha love throughout Nicaragua despite the language and cultural barriers and IF i can turn a profit selling re-used beer bottles, i may have my own humble kombucha business--refrescos fermentados!

My first bottling endeavor went a little something like this:

Step 1) Boiling re-used bottles about 5 minutes on stove top for sterilization

Step 2) Filling the clean empty bottles with my 2 latest brews: té verde con raspberry y té negro

i added a pinch of ginger to several of the bottles, which in retrospect, makes for a gross chunky swallow when you drink straight from the bottle. next time i will flavor before bottling.

Step 3) Using this nifty capping mechanism (the Red Baron), i sealed the magic that is kombucha into 11 air-tight vessels

¡que profesional!

It's that easy, folks. You too can bottle your own fermented tea at home. just please please not in Nicaragua! i'm not quite ready for competition.

In my eagerness to judge the bottling experiment, i waited only 2 days before sampling (usually i give the komucha 7+ days to marinate flavor.) oh well, taste test results:
1 botella té negro con jenhibre: fizzy and tart, deliciosa!
1 botella té verde con raspberry: sweet and a little flat.

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jaywfitz dijo...

Hi Liz,

I enjoyed your projects and am looking for a few kindred spirits to join us in the conversation at:


Thanks and keep it up!


Dan R-M dijo...

Hey Liz, I got referred to your blog by a mutual friend, Jenn, up here in Willits, CA. This is my first peek, and I am already a fan. I was already planning on writing a post about Our Fermented Friends, and your Kombucha has me all wired now...