lunes, 2 de noviembre de 2009

flowers for the dead

Día de los Muertos
November 2nd is a day for honoring loved ones, friends and family, who have passed on. It is celebrated differently in many regions around the world, from Latin American to Africa; here is a glimpse of this special day in Nicaragua.

Here, flowers rule the holiday.
The front of the cemetery becomes an impromptu florist market.

Visitors purchase flower bouquets and bundles outside the cemetery gates, many prepared with vases, buckets of water, and ribbons.
It is a day for reconnecting with old friends, and remembering.

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Ivo Serentha and Friends dijo...

My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog

every week a new album

Greetings from Italy,


Mary Delle dijo...

Loved this post about the Day of the Dead and the photos are great. You have been tagged for the Honest Scrap Award. See my post on my blog for more information.

azplantlady dijo...


What a great tribute. The different types of flowers are so unusual, but so colorful and beautiful.

Liz dijo...

Muchas gracias for all of your compliments :) It was wonderful to celebrate a different holiday.

Mary Delle, i'm honored!!! I don't know much about this award, but it sounds fun! Thank you so much!

Karen dijo...

Hi, Liz. I am enjoying your blog immensely. I followed a comment from another blog here and am so glad I did. I will continue to follow it and am now enjoying backtracking through it.

Do you know the name of the pretty pineconey flowers in your picture. They are interesting and I don't think we have them here in central Mexico. Also the thistles you show in your Oct. 8 (or 3?) post- some of the women here tell me the flowers make a stomach soothing tea for when you have a tummy ache. They say just boil up a bunch and drink it. I agree with you- they sure are pretty, and annoying when they get into all my potted plants.