lunes, 14 de diciembre de 2009

farm pup

Yet another new animal en la finca: meet Stella!
A 10 week old German Shepherd, Stella is bursting with energy! She is currently learning basic obedience and a vital lesson for all pups: socialization, which around here includes a wild array of different creatures.

I dub her rapport with the goats "playful animosity."
Happily, she and Chia are a perfect match!
Prone to high-speed indoor chases and zealous wrestling matches, chairs are overturned and water bowls spilled on a daily basis as these two develop their friendship.
Who, us?

Although the plan is for Stella to be our security dog, it is important that she first learn basic obedience. And contrary to popular belief, a properly trained security dog is treated well, not abused. Once trust and loyalty are established, Stella will undergo more serious attack training. This isn't to say she will be vicious, rather that she will be able to follow specific attack commands and will keep an intruder at bay.
For now however, she is all about loving attention :)

6 comentarios:

azplantlady dijo...

She is beautiful. With those big ears, she will definitely be intimidating once she grows into them :0)

Wilma dijo...

She looks like she will be a fine dog. Good for you to train her!


mangocheeks dijo...

She is so gorgeous. And so small, not long before she's big. I would relly like a dog, but I live in a small flat, maybe one-day when I get a house.

Best wishes with Stella, I am sure she will be a splendid security and loving dog.

Liz dijo...

Thanks for all the encouragement--i certainly have my hands FULL, but i'm loving every minute!

Asheya dijo...

congrats on your pup! two resources we found helpful when training our dog (who is exceptionally obedient) are:
the art of raising a puppy by the monks of new skete (
dogs on the couch by frank mickadeit
good luck!

Tammy N in TN dijo...

Love your Blog, and I'm so glad I came across it! My husband is from Nica (now American), and his parents own land in San Marcos. We just bought some land outside of Masaya, and we dream of having a little farm just like yours! For now we're just working in the US.

I'm heading down with our baby on Saturday, and once my husband gets there we'll go to San Marcos to check on the land. If you see a Nicaraguan with a Gringa and a baby, it's probably us!