jueves, 1 de abril de 2010

Tree Crops

Lucky for me, lots of yummy crops are well established on the farm; they come not from rows in the garden, but high up in tree branches. Now that I've observed a good year or so of farm progression, I am beginning to recognize which tree crops show up when.

Year round, banana and platano trees fruit and flower in a showy display of tropical abundance. As a Virginia native, i am continually impressed by this dramatically beautiful and nutritious plant.
I didn't know before that despite our warm climate, many fruit trees here are seasonal. It is the middle of the dry season and several of my favorites (mangoes, avocadoes, guavas) are just arriving. The mangoes on the farm are a smaller variety than i used to purchase in the States, but pack plenty of juicy flavor. Mangoes in general are phenomenal trees, living upward of 300 years and producing copious amounts of fruit. Right now the mangoes are green and tart, exactly how Nicas prefer them.
And apparently they are not alone. Unripe mangoes are popular in most Central American countries, as well as in Indian and Pakistani cuisine.

During mango months, the very popular salted slices are sold everywhere on streetcorners and in markets. Some also prefer to add spicy chile flavor. I found the tedious job of peeling the hard fruits worth it for a salty sour snack.

Moving right along, avocado season is also upon us!!! The grand old tree outside my kitchen window is heavy with growing fruit. The problem is how to reach the high branches. Often by the time an avocado ripens enough to fall, it is rotty or invaded by hungry insects. Even if it lands relatively edible, it turns out i am also competing with an avocado-loving dog!
If I beat Stella to it, or am able to knock down a ripe-looking specimen with a long stick, I am awarded with a nutrient dense, delicious prize. they might not be so beautiful on the outside, but as you can see, perfect inside!
Tree cheers for Tree Crops!

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Elephant's Eye dijo...

I love mangoes, but ripe please! (BTW you need to check your feed at Blotanical, I can get to your blog, but not to Pick Your Post.

africanaussie dijo...

Yes, you are just going into the wet season, I see! Who says we dont have seasons in the tropics? I also love mangoes green, (and ripe) it extends the mango season!

Gringa-n-Mexico dijo...

Nu UH that's AWESOME!!! Dude, you have an avacado tree in your YARD?? I would gain 20lbs when they all ripen up! :) LOL you've got to get one of those like, 20 foot extendable tree branch nippers so you can cut down a nice one when ever you want! :)

And wow, they eat mangoes not ripe? I had no idea! LOL in Mexico I guess they're all about 'em ripe, but now I'm totally curious about the not ripe ones! :)

Steve Asbell dijo...

Thanks for all the great pictures! Green mangos are also popular in india and southeast asia from what I've read, but the last time I ate one that wasn't ripe enough I felt sick. :(

Cameron dijo...


First, thank you for stopping by my blog!

Your mangoes and other tropical fruits must be divine to have so fresh and ready.


sanddune dijo...

My dogs eat the Avocados also and love them. When one falls they all race to get to it first.I guess some things are the same wherever you are.

africanaussie dijo...

I just nominated you for a hoe and shovel award in the food growing category -

Liz dijo...

Yes, living in the tropics is a lesson every day. Eating mangoes green does extend the season, and i gotta say, they are tasty! no stomaches yet ;)
Avocados have long been a favorite of mine--yes Gringa, i'm about to start pigging out. also i should look into avocado beauty products, supposedly the oil is good for everything. Probably it's great for the dogs' coats too!
AA, muchas gracias!! i'm not familiar with hoe & shovel, how do i find out more??