martes, 11 de mayo de 2010


Faithful readers! Sorry for my absence. Even though I am away from my sweet little farm, I should and will document farmy stuff around me here in suburbia. Admittedly, it has felt a little painful to consider blogging when I am so removed from all of my beloved plants and animals. We are coming up on one month away, and I experience a stab in the chest whenever anyone mentions my pups. or my goats. or just chickens.
Within the confines of your typical Californian suburban neighborhood, I am proud and inspired by the amazing and industrious projects of my favorite aspiring-farmer niece!
Paige's passion for animals led her to summer camps at Hidden Villa, an educational farm, and on to 4-H with whom she has undertaken an awesome and ambitious agricultural enterprise.

A surprise awaited me in the family garage,,,BABY CHICKENS!
The fluffy chicks were delivered into Paige's care in early April--she is a loving mother hen, refilling food and water and cleaning out their bedding with care and attention. The garage flock is growing fast! In even the few weeks since I met them, their fuzz has turned feathery.

Paige is responsible for rearing the market chickens to about 8 lbs, when they will be plump enough to be auctioned off at the 4-H fair. Chickens who weigh in at over 8 lbs do not qualify, so feeding and monitoring is a serious job. Generous donors have been known to pay HUNDREDS of dollars for a chicken (and to support 4-H of course)!

Luckily, Paige has chicken experience! In the backyard the family's very own egg-laying flock free ranges in the grass amongst bicycles, skateboards, and gardening tools. Here I find my antidote to farmsickness :)Pufflegeorge and her 2 hen-friends sleep soundly in a funky garden shed turned coop, safe from urban raccoons and possums. Like our hens on the farm, they contribute about 3 eggs a day to the human family's diet.
Good luck to Paige at the fair,
and Thank you for the farm fix!!

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Elephant's Eye dijo...

Blotanical is under refurbishment. But I did pick this post. We need a little patience till Blotanical is up and running smoothly again. Glad your feed is now working properly. Couldn't pick your posts before.

When will you go back to your farm?

Miami Culinary Tours dijo...

Esos pollitos me hacen acordar a la granja que tenia mi abuelita en Argentina! que memorias tan hermosas. Tu blog me da carinio!

Liz dijo...

Muchas gracias Miami! Estoy muy interesada en las recetas de tu blog!
3 more weeks until we return to the farm, and me to my blog and blotanical. can't wait!