martes, 20 de julio de 2010

Mamey Fruit

I've discovered a new fruit, delicious for you and your goat!

Admittedly, it doesn't necessarily look so scrumptious from the outside...
This strange globe-shaped fruit with a surprising sweet flesh is known as "mamey" here in Nicaragua, and in more official circles as Mammea americana. When ripened, these huge, heavy fruits come crashing to the ground with a distinctive thud. Needless to say, loitering under the mamey trees would be foolish.
Last year at this time I was loitering under the mamey trees, scratching my head in wonder at the pumpkin-orange mess splattered and rotting in fermenting puddles around the farm. No one had mentioned that the magnolia-like trees lining the coffee rows produces an edible fruit. and they don't exactly have that fruit tree sort of look, do you think?
Even if I did notice the brown dinosaur eggs growing in the branches above, they closely resemble another "fruit" in the area, inedible, nicknamed "donkey balls" which secretes a white sticky milk that I was told can be used to repel flies. So fair enough, I managed to miss a whole season's mamey crop despite it growing, literally, in my own backyard.
NOT donkey balls

This year, as a more informed fruit eater, I was ready for mamey season (keeping a safe distance from the drop zone) and easily collected a wheelbarrow full of ripe specimens to sample.

Peeling a mamey is not easy, and once you get inside there is a bitter white membrane, like an orange, to pick through before reaching a thin layer of flesh surrounding a gigantic round seed. However it only took one taste to make it all worth it.

The flavor is tough to describe, much like mamey's fragrance: a deep, sweet, peachy perfume. Try it, you'll like it!

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islandgal246 dijo...

It is known as Mammy apple in the English speaking Caribbean, Abricot in the French speaking islands. in Martinique and Guadeloupe, a delicious jam and drink is made. I adore this fruit. I have a tree that is still quite young and I can't wait for it to start bearing.

Elephant's Eye dijo...

Would it be anything like a mango? In taste? Or a related plant?

Liz dijo...

I've heard of mamey jam, i'm thinking of trying it in a pie. As for the flavor,, there is a hint of mango but it is more peachy, very different. wish i could share my abundant harvest with you!

africanaussie dijo...

Mmmm they look yummy... I find anything hard to get to is normally worth the effort!

rajsmusings dijo...

Wow !! I think we don't get this fruit in India. But there is something which comes very close in look. take a look in this link

And that is a very sweet fruit.


Anónimo dijo...

En mi pais el Salvador,se le llama mamey.