martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010


Introducing yet another fruta de paraíso: STARFRUIT! or carambola.
And again, it is one I happened to discover growing right here on the farm. what a great surprise!
Averrhoa carambola
grow in tropical and semi-tropical regions all over the world, including Florida which is where I first encountered this mysterious star-shaped treat.
Nicaraguans call it melacoton, although by official english translation this word means peach. There are no fresh peaches here, so i guess it's a point not worth quibbling over. Melacoton are not a super common fruit here, and mainly make appearances in tangy fresh juices. The flavor is more sour than sweet, even when the fruit is ripe and yellow.
Luckily this nondescript little tree caught my eye the other day and I was drawn to investigate what interesting shapes dangled from its scraggly branches.
Though somewhat waxy in appearance, the outside skin of carambola is edible and quite tender. For juices the entire fruit is either mashed up or blended into a puree with water. and of course, Nicas add the usual "spoonful" of sugar to sweeten the deal.
If you are a fan of tart and sour, like me, you may also enjoy simply snacking on starfruit. I love its firm crunchy texture and snappy burst of juice inside, which consequently delivers a healthy dose of vitamin C and antioxidants.
Shine on!

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Rainforest Gardener dijo...

I love starfruit! It gets a bad wrap for not being too sweet, but I think that works in its favor when used with a main dish as a garnish, or in salads. They're worth using for the shape alone!

Bangchik dijo...

Starfruit is called belimbing in our place. Some can be very big and juicy. I love eating it raw just like apple or pear.. ~bangchik