jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

Paradise Lost

Ok, that is a mournful sounding title.....but the truth is our Nicaragua days are over; for now.
Cultural friction, financial struggles, and a load of personal griefs eventually snowballed from challenging to uncomfortable to unacceptable.
With a heavy heart I packed up my brand new beautiful casita, stored away my garden tools, and hardest of all relocated my farm animal friends.
Sweet Lupita is now living on a goat dairy farm, surrounded by lots of girlie goat friends and will be expecting her own kids one of these days.

 Luckily, we still keep track of Lucinda, who is living amongst a new herd at La Mariposa Eco-Hotel with Paulette and friends!

 We all had a hard time saying goodbye to Daisy, though it might be Stella who suffers the most from missing her sister pup. Daisy is still in the family where she is top dog, gets loads of attention, and visits the farm every day!

  Stella and Chia made the trek with us and are learning to transition from fancy farm free to domestic pets.

 Life ain't always easy, as Chia learned the hard way; he lost a front leg since our move and is now a local tripod celebrity :)

*Our home will be available as a vacation rental if anyone is craving a tropical getaway on an organic coffee farm with scores of fresh lemons, oranges, mangoes, and guavas to eat. Be prepared to bike pump your water and take showers when the sun is high, fall asleep to a magnificent cricket chorus, and awaken at dawn to cheery birdsong. Send me a note if you or a friend are interested!* 

Meanwhile, we are settling in to a USA life again, in a little town called Santa Fe where Spanish is more than a second language and tacos are sold on every corner. From here I hope to continue garden experiments, and maybe even blog about them. Thanks for coming along on the ride so far....

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africanaussie dijo...

Sorry to hear you are moving away as I enjoyed hearing what you were growing in Nicuaraga, being a close climate to ours here. Life is an adventure though, and sometimes takes different turns. I am sure you will settle down into your new life very quickly. Looking forward to blogs about starting up your next garden.

chris dijo...

Hi, Chris here. Is there some way that I can contact you? I live in the states but go to San Marcos quite often. I'd like to talk with you about your farm/house. Thanks
I can be reached at pulseraproject@gmail.com

Mil gracias

La Gringa dijo...

Oh, I'm so sorry to read that. But best of luck in your new life and new garden. I know it must have been very hard to leave the pets.

Fran and Steve dijo...

If you ever have the urge to live and farm in the tropics, maybe you should consider Puerto Rico. It is more americano-friendly as it is in fact a US territory, while still having its very distinct culture(spanish-afro-taino-american). It's probably a little pricier here, but safer. There are a lot of fincas available where you can live a sustainable lifestyle, yet be near excellent medical care and modern stores with all the conveniences. The best of both worlds!

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Man with Van dijo...

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