sábado, 27 de junio de 2009


Although i've been something of an absentee farmer,on the farm growing must grow on! The rains have come and all plants are growing like cRaZy, whether i'm there to watch or not. Probably the most satisfying crop has been BEANS

For about $2 i buy several pounds of beans at the market, toss them into the awaiting fertile ground, and before my very eyes they spring out of the earth!

Here in Nicaragua RED beans rule, as a rule. The Nicaragua national dish, gallo pinto, is a red beans + rice combo; no other bean will suffice. Our neighbors to the south, Costa Rica, tout a gallo pinto of their own, more commonly with black beans. Nicas tend to be overly-possessive with the red bean thing and the Who-created-gallo pinto-issue is very sensitive. i personally will eat any and all beans, because they're ALL good. However in this household, our on-site cook has blatantly ignored the black beans i buy, even complaining to me that "there are NO beans," meaning no red beans. And my favorite Nica adamantly prefers los frijoles rojos over all others, going so far to claim that gallo pinto with black beans is not gallo pinto.
Needless to say, we go through a LOT of beans. The bean return is supposedly 7lb to every 1lb planted; our goal is to grow a year's supply. This has been tricky to figure out, as gallo pinto is served with every meal.

I have many more updates, stay tuned!
and to provide some explanation for my absence, i plead monkey business :)

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Jesse dijo...

Yo! Really diggin' bein' able to follow you on here, Liz. Hope you're doin' as well as it seems.

Much love.

Nick dijo...

hey doll! monkey business?!?? we missed you down in nags head--it was just zack and i and mom and dad. i started reading animal, vegetable, miracle and i'm LOVING it! i really wanna have my own garden now, but it's not gonna happen in new york. i can't wait to grow my own asparagus some day. ooo, can you send me (or post) the (or a version of) the traditional nica recipe for gallo pinto--spicing and what not?