sábado, 4 de julio de 2009

La Cabra Cabaña

Recently it has been more and more obvious that Ezmeralda needs more sufficient shelter.

the poor dear has been out in the rain, alone, tethered to a tree.

Lucky for her, it was Gansers to the rescue!!!!

Taking a break from volcano hikes, island boating, and sumptious seafood feasts, our dedicated visitors donated their own sweat and tears into the creation of a happy home for our Ez.
The ultimate product, La Cabra Cabaña, was a complete success!!!!!

Since the construction of la cabaña, we have added a newbie to the family:

Meet Lupita Maria!
Despite the bizarre fact that Ezmeralda is a (human) momma's girl, Lupita took to her right away and follows her every move. The girls can usually be found chomping grass and shrubs in various areas around the farm, or during a downpour, shacking up in their tropical luxurious goat accomodations.
Muchas gracias Adam y Alissa!!!!

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3 comentarios:

Ancel dijo...

Hi Liz,
enjoying reading your adventures on the farm. Your goats look so happy, wish we could have some on our farm. I'm south of you down in Costa Rica.

Liz dijo...

thank you Ancel! i'm excited to explore your blog--you have several projects that i'm interested in starting:) saludos!

alex dijo...

Hi Lizzy,

What a fascinating journey you are on! I enjoy following your Blog and learning about the pros and cons of gardening in Nica. You have come up with some wonderful recipes too. Keep up the good work.