sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009

hooves,paws, & claws

i love gardening and its challenges but i must admit that for me, it is a decided effort to focus on the flora and not the fauna.In the past year while i've warmed to seeds and saplings and soils, our animal clientele has grown--the furry ones deserve a post of their own!

We inherited Lucinda from another farm where she was a work horse, pulling heavy loads, maybe plowing. She was scrawny and timid back then--three months as a free-ranging "rescue" horse and she is chummier with us than i believed a horse could be! She follows our car as we leave and enter the property and every morning she greets us with a cheerful whinny at the front door! Affectionately referred to as our living lawnmower, Lucinda's main job is to keep the weeds down.
I don't have a saddle yet, but Luci is fine with bareback. she loves mangoes, stomps her feet in delight while eating grain, and has the sweetest horse-breath.
Future prospects for Lucinda: a horse buddy? plowing with me, and riding to town in sophisticated leather get-up!
Lupita Maria y Ezmeralda

Our goat gals continue to amuse and alarm. Because of their habit? ability? to eat all things green, i keep them tethered in various weedy spots around the farm. otherwise our coffee and lemon trees, not to mention my veggies, would be long gone. Inevitably, the two of them twist and tangle their ropes into insane knots, often within minutes.
Ezmeralda and i tend to butt heads (ha, actually her head butts my leg) as we vie for title of alpha female. i read that to show dominance, you should hold your goat on her back until she stops fighting. i've showed her 3 times now, but we still do not have an agreement.
Ez's favorite activity is running into open spaces and jumping for joy! Second favorite is probably roughing up Lupita.
Lupita Maria is the kid sister ;) and behaves as such. she's quieter than Ez, and always wants to be where her big sis is. i love her floppy ears and pink nose.
She loves fresh fruit and afternoon naps in the shade.
Up next for las cabras (in a year or so): babies, milk, goat cheese!

Adjusting to farm life has been slightly traumatic, as Zaya is terrified of horses and dogs. you can sometimes catch her in a playful mood, but these days its rare.
The recent introduction of a new kitty has been the last straw for poor Zaya.

How could anyone not fall in love with this face?
Either of these faces! Thank you Jen for being a pedestal to our princesa: Chia
Chia makes up for her incessant mewing the second you pick her up by purrrring and nuzzling. she is a huge fan of the broom, piles of dirt, all insects, and being picked up.
Por las gatas: mediation, peace talks, friendship; more diligent insect control.

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