sábado, 8 de agosto de 2009

the little things

First post FROM THE FARM: we finally live here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and we have a new kitty: meet Chia!)
Despite the presence of a seemingly miraculous internet connection (cryptically referred to as 3G), life out here in el campo has been a significant step away from mainstream technology and a huge leap into the welcoming arms of alternative energy. Which ironically isn't as simple as the so-called simple life implies.
Miles from city lights and telephone connections, amidst coffee plantations and avocado trees, our sweet little casa houses a myriad of complex new/old technology.

First step was the use of a handy device called the Kill-A-Watt. seriously.

This handy gauge measures the amount of wattage your electricity-guzzling appliances are guzzling. After measuring each and every plug-in item in our old place, I was forced to cut out some of my favorite guzzlers (notably my toaster oven). Our hope is that our lightened electrical load will be a more feasible burden for la systema solar.
One week down powered 100% by our six 200 watt panels. and this is the rainy season! Lucky for me, my live-in engineer knows exactly what's happening in the "solar closet," pictured below:

My department has been finding low-energy alternatives....

such as the simple switch from our auto-drip coffee maker to
the french press, supposedly the best cup of joe out there. ¡que simple!

Rather than burning electricity, breakfast en la casa presents a perfect opportunity to burn some calories: remember this blast from the past??
Our buddy Rich putting an egg-beater to appropriate use

And in an impressive attempt at resurrecting a lost culinary art, a grinding stone sits prominently on my new counter-top, awaiting its chance to pulverize dry corn....or something?
I admit I haven't employed this one yet.....but i will ;)

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Dan R-M dijo...

Wow! Congratulations! The house looks beautiful.
I am reminded of what it was like living up at the Ecology Action site, which was, with the exception of solar for some office stuff and a little panel with a car battery for a light in the kitchen, lacking electricity completely.
It was great. Any future home we make will have little or no "juice".
Will your new cat always look like that, or is it just really young? :)