lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2009


Thanks to the creativity and kindness of our latest industrious visitors, yet another micro-habitat has been built on the farm!

With drills, saws, nails, and screws, Michella and Jamie transformed our old pick-up truck's cab-over
into a deluxe two- story condo!
From the outside, an enormous yet unpretentious tortoise adds an eclectic and mysterious energy to the garden.
Who's living in there????

¡Mama Canela y Familia!
La Señora and her four chicks seem pleased with their new residence. They've been busy scratching in the dirt, pecking at weeds, and nibbling table scraps since they arrived. We hope Canela will make good use of the laying boxes positioned conveniently at the rear of the structure,

where i plan to gather fresh eggs every morning!!!

and surprise, surprise: it looks like i've already got a volunteer to help me
You can't argue with the perfect protein of an egg. I do get grossed out by their slimy consistency, but that is easily amended with a well cooked scramble. Despite our eagerness to eat only our own local eggs, Canela is our sole layer for now. Hopefully a couple of those pollitos will be hens (supposedly 50%), though we have several months to make bets.
And no, we will not be eating any of our feathered friends; i am not against doing it, but my other half is ;)

p.s. farm work at our place isn't all work:
Muchismismas Gracias for work and play well done, mis amigos!

4 comentarios:

Frances dijo...

Hi Liz, this is just the most fantastic reuse of vehicle parts ever! Your mama and babies look very happy indeed. This is pure delight! The happy faces tell the story as well. Kudos! :-)

Nick dijo...

Hi Lizzie!
Your chicks look so cute! And they've got a two-story hen house with windows--that's practically nicer than my New York apartment! We're getting eggs now through our CSA so I'm eating more of them than I used to. What're you gonna do with your chicks if they grow up to be roosters? You don't want too many in one yard.
I can't wait to come visit!

Lzyjo dijo...

Wonderful chicken house! They look so cute and happy, and who wouldn't be with a new custom built house?!
I love meeting other Liz's!!

Meredith dijo...

I LOVE it! I can't wait to have chickens. What a great idea for reusing items, too.