lunes, 4 de enero de 2010

curly-Q flowers

Actually, the curliness is in the seed pod....
While passing this colorful flower in front of a neighbor's house, my friend Jenny grabbed a handful of seed pods from each of the pale pink, fuchsia, and purple blossoming stalks. After a couple of days in the sun, the fuzzy pods curled up all cute like, then released small black seeds.
Nonchalantly, I planted handfuls of the curly flower seeds next to my doorsteps, a half-hearted attempt to beautify the bare dirt entryways that tend to accumulate junk (coolers, buckets, bicycle tires, you name it). I know this is very bad feng shui, i'm working on it.

What'd ya know???! A mere six weeks later:
Now i understand why so many others line their fences and patios with flor de China, as it is known around here, (no idea of its english name, though i'm fine with Curly-Q Flower.)
Dense green leaves and dazzling colors are sure to disguise, or at least draw the eye away from, our junky doorways. And according to the laws of feng shui, cheerful healthy flowers invite positive energy flow into the home.
There you have it, step 1 of my Landscaped Paradise in progress ;)

5 comentarios:

Live Simply Love Strongly dijo...

Those are beautiful. What a difference!

Asheya dijo...

Wow, awesome! Where can I get some? Our yard is all dirt and concrete and I could use some six week flowers!

Liz dijo...

Yes, they are gorgeous! Asheya, ask around for "flor de china," they are definitely popular around here, and look for brownish seed pods. buena suerte!

Anónimo dijo...

Impatiens balsamina/garden balsam

Anónimo dijo...

Can anyone tell me the real name of this plant? I have been searching for it for years! My grandfather had this growing like crazy, but over the years my mother weeded it all out, and all we have left are very old seeds that will no longer germinate. I'd love to find it again.