miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2010

Hand-Cranked Laundry

yep, it's true. In addition to my bike water-pumping, I now enjoy daily arm workouts via this inventive contraption:
We borrowed the idea from the folks at Rancho Mastatal in Costa Rica. La Lavadura Manual consists of a simple 25 gallon plastic barrel in a rotating metal cage
filled with fresh water and bio-degradable soap, in which our dirty garments are sloshed and churned with the help of four smooth rocks. that's right, rocks. Things are getting more Flintstone around here by the minute. Would you be surprised to see Wilma cranking something like this, then maybe hanging the clothes with the talons of little prehistoric baby birds? neither would I.
Look out, Maytag. We went with a top loading model with simple settings--Water Temperature: cool; Speed: quick wash; Program: heavy soil.
After the initial spin cycle, the dirty water drains out (collected in a bucket to use in the yard),and the rinse cycle commences. I average about 40 rotations for each cycle.
So far I am thoroughly enjoying the system. awesome arm work-outs and "clean" clothes, not a bad combo. of course it has only been one week.....

While awaiting the official rating by the EU's energy grading system,
I'll rate it myself:
Energy Consumption: A+
Washing Performance: B
Spin drying Performance: C
Capacity Water Consumption: B+
Noise: A
suggested additions to the EU system:
Fun: A
Exercise: B+
Benefit to surrounding Flora & Fauna: A+

4 comentarios:

Wilma dijo...

I feel compelled to comment on your post. First, my name is Wilma. And second, I have one of these! Mine is smaller and I bought it ready made. We use it at our off-the-grid place in Belize. I haven't tried putting rocks in it, though. ;-) My husband (no, his name is Dennis) has requested that I ask you to share the details of your design, since we could use a large one too. Be sure to take a look at my blog about moving to Belize. Well, part of it is about moving to Belize. A lot of it is about our life still living and working in Minnesota.

Lzyjo dijo...

Fantastic! I love it and I want one now! :) Costa Rica is so far ahead, the US should try being more like them.

Live Simply Love Strongly dijo...

You guys have so many cool ideas. Where do you get these ideas from? I would love to take a tour of your place someday when we are also living in Central America. We would like to have a little piece of land to live/garden there in the next 5 years.

Liz dijo...

Thanks everybody! We copy most of our ideas from other folks who already have it figured out ;) but we're always on the lookout for ecologically sound and energy efficient new gadgets. We do want to host visitors one day, with tours, etc.
Wilma, i can't believe you have one of these--how cool! Does it do a good job? Maybe you can post a pic next time you're in Belize. Looks like you're in the snow right now eh? I will get more details on the design for you, stay tuned.