viernes, 20 de febrero de 2009

(not just) For the Birds

One everyday part of life that I did not forsee adjusting has been my SNACK selection. In Nica stores and roadside stands there are loads of msg-laden chips and sugary fake-creamy cookies, but i of course am always on the lookout for tasty healthy bocaditos. I am excited to introduce un favorito nuevo of mine, not to mention the hummingbirds'....

Jocotes, Spondias purpurea, supposedly known as "hog plums" in some parts, do not taste like hogs or plums. These juicy little fruits have a unique sweet yet sour tang. Nicas prefer them mostly green and still tart; though if you wait, they will ripen reddish and sweet. The secret to unlocking jocotes' flavor potential, however, is SALT. Toss them in a bag with a pinch or two of salt and munch away! Watch out for the large seed in the middle. Tostitos: eat your heart out.

While they do not grow on the farm yet, (trying to germinate seeds right now) somebody is growing jocote trees/shrubs in abundance around here, as they are readily available en el mercado.

And now for an easy snack that we ARE growing on the farm:
How incredible to watch this gorgeous blossom age into a gorgeous bed of seeds...

If you like salty snacks, a little trick I learned is to soak the raw seeds in salty water before toasting. sometimes i add a dash of red pepper. Protein-to-go

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