miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2009

La Casita

By popular demand, our house plans! Yes, the place will be ROUND. it will have 3 enormous "entrances"--gates that can be opened to create an airy open ambiance. Two bedrooms around the edge, as well as an open kitchen; and the middle area will serve as living room/dining room/hammock hang. We decided to go with rock, as the quarry is only a few miles down the road, but we are planning to complete part of the inside walls with a homemade cobb/adobe material. And hopefully with lots of helpful hands!!!

Silvio is building a bike-generated water pump, fun! and we're hoping to get a solar panel up there to heat the shower. At some point in the future we want to install a bio-digester, in which somehow the byproduct (gas) of our waste (poop) will fuel a gas stove! I think we also need a composting toilet in a discreet location out on the farm.
anyway, seeing a crew out there actually WORKING on the site is making it seem REAL! although it doesn't look like much at this point...

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La Gringa dijo...

Our Honduras Living group has had some discussions about solar and hot water and it was suggested that the easiest and cheapest way to have hot water is to coil a long black hose on the roof or the top of the muro if you have one. It may not work so well during a long rainy period, but overall, it's basically a free hot water system. You can probably find more by googling.

Do you have any need for rainwater harvesting? I found an excellent site about that here:

Rainwater harvesting